Wine Label

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Make Your Own Free Labels!

Make your own full-color wine label

using your own copy

for wine, liquor, and fine liqueur bottles used at festive occasions like anniversary parties, wedding receptions:


Nothing looks as great as your own personalized wine label on a bottle. Talented artists have provided those beautiful labels for you, for free. Just fill in your own copy, like the name of the wine or event, then print out the labels directly from your computer screen.

You can use a lot of different papers. For more info click here. There are cutting marks on the labels: just take a straightedge (ruler) and a scalpel (or a pair of scissors) and cut out the labels. If you print on plain paper, you can paste it on the bottle using a glue stick or milk.

The labels look great in black and white (using a laser printer), but are best if printed from a color printer. If you use an inkjet printer, be careful not to get moisture on the paper, since most inkjet ink smears.

Your labels will look best if printed on special, dry gummed, coated label paper. The coating makes the colors brighter and gives the label more visual depth. This paper is the same as that used with the best commercial wine labels, and also gives the right “label feel.”

And the labels can be removed by soaking in water! This is great if you are a home brewer. We supply special label paper at an affordable price, but you don’t have to buy from us. You can use a lot of different papers. For more info click here.

Talented artists have provided their work for free. They have donated graphic design work worth thousands of dollars for you to use for free. If you ever need graphic help, look at what they’ve done on this site. Then go to this page for contact information.

Make Your Own Labels Free!

We’re first in the world

to give away free personalized labels!

Why purchase expensive labels (like the great labels shown here) when you can add your own copy . . . when you can print out the whole label, all included, for free?

You can print on different types of paper. Your first choice is normal printing paper. If you want higher quality in printing or a self-adhesive paper, there are some pitfalls:

Self-adhesive label paper is too thin: one can see “through” it.

Self-adhesive label paper has permanent glue, and cannot be removed once it’s in place.

Self-adhesive label paper looks dull, and printed graphics have little depth.

Photo papers are great but very expensive.

We recommend a coated, special dry gummed label paper. You can order great paper (see below.)