Lemonade Drinks

Lemonade drinks – As we can guess from the name, it is made by Lemon and offers a lemon flavor. It goes without saying that one would have to add water and sugar to the lemon juice. Lemonade can be of different types of color, texture and taste. This drink or beverage can be classified into three types – Fizzy, Clear and Cloudy.

Fizzy Lemonade – In today’s modern times, Lemonade means a sweet soft drink which has been carbonated. In UK, New Zealand and Australia Lemonade would mean a carbonated but a colorless soft drink, sweet in taste which would have an artificial or even a natural lime flavor – something like a Sprite.

Clear Lemonade – In the European countries Lemonade comes from the term Limonade. This initially meant Soda which has been carbonated or unsweetened water which contains some lemon juice in it. However, now a variety of versions and even sugary sweet Limonade are to be seen in their markets and malls.

Cloudy Lemonade. In the Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Iran and also in US and Canada Lemonade means uncarbonated water mixed into sugar and lemon juice. Usually they are artificially flavored and there is no use of actual lemon juice. Indians have great and refreshing version homemade lemonade which is called as Limbo Pani. This means fresh Lemon water mixed with salt, sugar and pepper. This is usually taken fresh. If chilled, it can be very soothing and refreshing in the summers.

Lemonade originally was also made of berries and obviously captured the same pretty color if the berry. For instance, Lemonade made by crushing red berries made a lovely PINK COLORED LEMONADE.

Pink Lemonade was consumed by the ancient natives of America and also by the English during the time of the European colonies. These were made of the berries and even maple syrup was used to sweeten the drink. Then there was some compromise on the quality of the ingredients used. Currently, however only pink coloring agents are used to make the lemonade appear pink and it is at time sweetened. Now there is no use of natural colors and flavors. Pink colored natural (fruit juice) ingredients which could also make a difference on the taste of the drink are no more used. These fruits are Pomegranate, Cherry, Cranberry, Strawberry, grapes, red grapefruit etc.

In the obituary column of the New York Times there was a mention of Henry E Sanchez Allott – as the inventor of this pink colored lemonade drink.

The Lemonade Drink is differently used in different countries.
In UK, lemonade is mixed with Beer to make a good Shandy.
In USA lemonade is used in all festive seasons, fairs etc. It is commonly used as a refresher in the summer season and summer holidays. It was used as a prominent ingredient in Tom Collins but now it is not the case. (Optional)

Lemonade Drinks – Lemon Juice if consumed everyday mixed with water has proved to reduce the formation of kidney stones. Lemon with warm mater with honey and mint is good to cure sore throats.

So make your Lemonade Drinks and enjoy it for all its worth – taste, refreshing quality and medicinal values. Lemonade a day keeps the heat and the doctors and the kidney stones away!! I hope this was always true.