How to make the perfect vodka gimlet

A vodka gimlet is a stylish and a very sophisticated drink. What is now a vodka gimlet began as only the ‘gimlet’ and was a cocktail that was made with gin and lime juice. The vodka gimlet carefully replaced the gin and became the vodka lover’s favorite. The perfect vodka gimlet is not just perfect when the drink is perfect. Along with the drink it is the glass that has to be perfect as well.

The vodka gimlet is one of the easiest drinks that you can make. It also works wonderfully for those people who want to try their hand at a hard drink but feel wary of doing so. The basics of making the right vodka gimlet are by mixing one and a half ounces of vodka and one ounce of lime juice. All you need to do is mix this drink and serve it.

So how can you differentiate between a normal vodka gimlet and a great vodka gimlet? The first step to making a great vodka gimlet begins with selecting your vodka. Almost any premium vodka can be used to make a gimlet. But to make a perfect gimlet you need a vodka with the least bit of bite. The smoother the vodka the better is your drink going to turn out. Since this drink is dominated by vodka, it is essential that you choose the brand that you normally enjoy drinking. Another very important thing to note is that the vodka that you are using should be of room temperature. If you want this vodka recipe to stand out then you have to make sure that you do not put the vodka in the refrigerator.

After the vodka selection comes the time to choose the lime juice. Contrary to popular belief just any kind of lime juice will not do when you want to make a superior quality gimlet. The Roses Sweetened Lime Juice is the thing which separates the taste of an ordinary vodka gimlet from an outstanding one. The Rose lime juice has just the right amount of sweetness added to it which makes the drink absolutely perfect. It renders the much required sweetness to the drink and still leaves a slight limey impact on it.

Now once all the ingredients are in place you can go ahead and make your vodka gimlet. Take a cocktail shaker and fill two thirds of it with ice. Take an ounce and a half of premium vodka for every ounce of Rose Sweetened Lime Juice. Ensure that the lime juice is cold so that the drink preserves better. Take the shaker and drain any excess water that accumulated due to the ice melting. Pour the vodka and the lime juice into the shaker and give it a good shake for about fifteen to twenty seconds. This step allows the room temperature vodka to pick up the coolness of the ice. Now allow the drink to sit for another couple of seconds while you prepare the glass.
Take a quarter of a lime and move it all along the way of the rim of the glass squeezing it gently so that the vodka gimlet gets a bit of fresh lime juice to it. Now give the drink one final shake and pour out your vodka gimlet.