How to make different martini drinks

Martini drinks have found their share of lovers the world over. What began as a simple and humble drink in the 1800’s has emerged into one of the most popular drinks across the globe. The traditional martini drinkers believe that all digressions from the original martini recipe are to be discounted and not considered martinis at all. But martini lovers worldwide love the different variations that this dynamic cocktail drink has to offer. While one cannot call any drink which is served in a cocktail glass as a ‘martini’, mixologists today have created a vivid gamut of great martini flavors for the martini lover to choose from.

The new age martin drinks allow one to blend our favorite flavors into a number of martini drinks. Be it fruit, chocolate or any other such substitute, you can choose to make your martini in the flavor that you like best. The original martini recipe uses gin and vermouth that are mixed in a 5:1 ratio, shaken or stirred in a cocktail shaker and then served strained into a martini glass. The original martini recipe demands the garnish of the same to either be an olive or a lime twist.

There are many variations that you can find in flavored martini drinks as well. The appletini is one such variation that has found its share of fans across the globe. While it is slightly sweeter than the traditional martini it has a sweetness and a bite to it which makes this drink an all time favorite. An appletini supplements the quintessential gin with vodka and uses apple schnapps or apple cider to give it the apple flavor. An appletini can be made with one ounce of vodka, a dash of cranberry juice, one ounce of sour apple schnapps. These ingredients are shaken together with a lot of ice is a shaker and then strained out into a martini glass rimmed with white sugar and cinnamon.

The vodka martini is also quite popular amongst martini lovers. This drink uses one and a half ounces of vodka and three fourth of an ounce of dry vermouth. The vodka and the dry vermouth are shaken together in a cocktail shaker with lot of ice and strained into a cocktail glass and served with an olive or a lime twist.

Martinis has also evolved and have begun using liqueurs in some of their variations. The chocolate martini and the minttini are great examples of these variations. For a minttini you will need to take two parts of vodka, one part of crème de menthe and half a part of dry vermouth. These ingredients then need to be shaken with lots of ice till the cocktail shaker becomes frosted on the outside. This drink then should be strained into a martini glass and should be ideally served garnished with a mint sprig.

One of the martini drinks becoming very popular is the chocolatini or the chocolate martini. This unusual martini variation uses vodka along with vanilla vodka and a good quality light chocolate liqueur. These ingredients are then shaken together and served in a martini glass which has been rimmed with lemon and baking soda.