How to Make Cocktails

It is not difficult to know how to make cocktails once you know its components, its facts and its basic concepts. Cocktails are drinks and beverages with exotic flavors, taste and colors made from a mixture of alcohol combined with different types of ingredients such as fruit juices, tropical fruits, crushed ice etc. They consist of a combination of liquor drinks like vodka, rum, gin, brandy, wine or whisky. It has unique and glamorous presentation and garnishing like sparklers, paper umbrellas and flowers and fruits for garnishing to match or at times also to contrast the flavor and the color of the drink.

There is a wide range of cocktails and so also an equal or double range of cocktail recipes guiding How to make Cocktails. To name a few popular ones from this wide range – Champagne cocktail, Rum cocktail, Summer Cocktail, Vodka Cocktail, Christmas Cocktail, Margarita cocktail, Mojito cocktails etc.

On having a good and detailed peep into Cocktails Recipes one can become a successful and a vibrant bartender by acquiring all the bartending skills of mixing and blending appropriate drinks and liquors in correct ratios and proportions. Along with Cocktail Recipes, there is also a need to know the use of bar decorations, coasters, appropriate glasses for the various cocktails etc.

A Peep into Some Good Cocktail Recipes


Vodka one ounce
Grand Marnier half an ounce
Cranberry juice half an ounce
Lime juice one ounce

Mix and shake all the ingredients in a shaker and pour in a fancy glass or a glass with some unique shape (This is just for presentation) Add crushed ice and use your imagination for garnishing.

Tips for special effects to the home made cocktails

Create a frosted edge to your uniquely shaped glass. Frosting can be done by dipping the rim of the glass in lemon juice and then in sugar.

Use colorful coasters to hold the fancy cocktails glasses.

The glass can be decorated by paper flowers, umbrellas, straws, swizzle sticks etc.

Use fruits on skewers or cocktail sticks to place on the rim of the cocktail glass.

All this little decoration adds to give the cocktail drink and its recipe an exotic appearance along with an exotic and delicious taste and flavor and color.


Orange juice 4 ounces
Tequila 2 ounces
¾ ounce of Grenadine

Pour and mix all the above ingredients in a shaker. Once it is well mixed and stirred pour in a well groomed and decorated fancy cocktail drinking glass. Enjoy the easy and exotic preparation of your own hands.


Lemonade ¾ ounces
Vodka 1 ounce
Blue Curacao 1 ounce

Just add all the above liquids and stir and mix well. Pour into your favorite and fancy colorful cocktail glass, add some crushed ice. Garnish and decorate the glass and its rim before you serve.

Enjoy a simple but simply delicious cocktail drink. And now you know “How to make cocktails”. Don’t you? I know you do!!