Dirty Martini Recipe – Martini Drink

Dirty Martini Recipe is a recipe made of Martini Drink using a few liquor drinks and indulging into drinks mixes and drinks mixing. It’s been a few years now that Martini is recognized as a best beverage made of alcoholic mixes. Martini is basically a cocktail which is made of a concoction of vermouth and gin and simply garnished with a lemon twist or an olive. The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks is a classic by David A Embury. David has listed Martini with other favorite cocktails in his classic.

As it is always the case with cocktails, even Martini’s origin is a little blurred. Some believe that its name came around from another famous cocktail called Martinez. This was a popular served at Occidental Hotel in USA – San Francisco. Many people made it a habit to have a Martinez before taking their return ferry back to their town Martinez. Some go with the story that the name Martini is derived from a bartender who was a good mixologist in a Hotel in New York.

Initially, Martini was originally made by – 1 ounce of Old Tom Gin (sweet), 2 ounces of Rossi sweet vermouth and the famous – Italian Martini This also required a dash or two of maraschino liquor and a little dash of bitters. Give it all a vigorous, shake pour it in your glass and garnished with a lemon twist. Then in the nineteen’s, Martini morphed into simple making with just French vermouth, dry English gin, some Orange bitters mixed and garnished with an olive.

Later on availability of illegal gin and prohibition gave Martini a boost as a predominant cocktail. As centuries passed by, liquor lovers saw Martini as an old fashioned drink. This then led to the invention and literally an explosion in the variety of cocktail industry.

Then the bartenders were busy blending drinks like Peach Martini, Appletini, and Chocolate Martini and also certainly not the least – The Dirty Martini.

Dirty martini is a simple but classic variation. It is referred to and named “Dirty” only because of the way olive is used in its making. Originally, the olives were soaked in Martini but now the actual olive brine is used, which gives the liquor an added flavoring of Martini. If you over do the quantity of this brine, it can spoil the drink – So go easy on the use of Olive brine and you will have the best cocktail that drinks mixing can provide.


Half an ounce of Vermouth (dry)
Two and a half ounce of Gin
Olive to garnish
Olive brine as per taste

Mix both the liquor drinks in a mixing glass.
Stir, adding he olive brine (be careful not to overdo the quantity of the brine)
Strain this liquid concoction in your fancy cocktail glass
Use the olive as a garnish.

One can never go wrong with a Dirty Martini Recipe! I wonder if one had to blend a cocktail to name it “Very Dirty Martini” which ingredient would one increase in quantity – I hope not Olive brine as it really would really become very dirty – It’s worth a try –