Bloody Mary Recipe

Bloody Mary Recipe – A unique blend of a vegetable and liquor – Strange aren’t it? Mix a tomato with vodka and you produce homemade liquor. This name is derived from and attached to different historical identities – Queen Mary 1 of England. It is also believed that this name has been taken from a Chicago bar waitress named Mary –who worked in a bar called Bucket of Blood. Some say the name was inspired by Hollywood actress – Mary Pickford. So these are some of the reasons for the origin of this name.

The very history and origin of the liquor drink is a little foggy and unclear. A traditional story goes that George Jessel, an actor made this drink around 1939. Lucius Beebe gave this drink the first recognition and reference in his gossip column “This New York”, its original recipe was also put in print. It read George Jessel’s recent attraction is a Blood Mary drink. This is made of vodka and tomato juice.

Fermand Petiot said that he had initiated the BM drink of today. According to Jessel he had given life to this drink but it was only mix of Tomato juice and Vodka when he took it over. Then he added two measures of black pepper and cayenne, four measures of salt and a good layer of Worcestershire sauce. Add ounces of thick tomato juice and vodka along with a little lemon juice and crushed ice. Strain this liquid mixture and serve. It is said, that they are constantly pouring this drink; almost hundred and fifty servings every day. This included banquet halls and different restaurants.

One of the very exciting and delicious ways of serving bloody mary is – to garnish the BM drink with olive, celery, lemon, cold cut, cheese – on the rock. To be served in a pint glass. Another variation could be – garnish the drink with pickled onion, a big sized shrimp and sea salt.

A basic RECIPE or the basic ingredients used in making bloody mary is

To suit your tastes take one or one and a half ounce of vodka. Add ice.

Some ground black pepper

A little of celery salt

Two or four measures of Worcestershire sauce

A measure of lime or lemon juice

1/8 tea spoons of horseradish (not creamed)

1 measure of Tabasco sauce

Give it a vigorous shake if you are feeling lethargic, give it a lazy stir.

GARNISH with Celery stalk, or things like mushrooms, vegetable you would enjoy with the drink, pickled onions or pickles, carrots olives, cheese, salami, shrimp, can also try pickled Asparagus or pickled beans etc. These can be put in the glass on a skewer.

Mixes of bloody mary mixes and non-alcoholic ingredients of the BM drink can be picked up from commercial shelves.

Some variations to this RECIPE:

Bloody Cab. Here Cabernet Sauvignon can replace vodka or can be used in addition to vodka.

Bloody Geisha/Ninja. Here Sake the Japanese wine can replace vodka.

Bloody Hogger. Vodka can be replaced by Bacon Vodka.

Bloody Margaret. Gin can replace vodka.

So then, you have a variety of bloody mary recipes. Now enjoy one variation of drinks mixes, drinks mixing, vodka recipes and recipe drinks every week end or, even every day if you so choose, as there really is a wide variation for you to enjoy.